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Skywall Mountains

These mountains and their foothills are rife with monsters, especially giants and their kin. The large vale in the center of the Skywall Mountains is rumored to be home to either a mighty arch-mage, or a giant king, depending on who is telling the story. Given that the Skywall mountains are the northern half of the same island that houses Argiliath, there is frequent conflict with the elves – although they have woven some pretty powerful magic to block most casual incursions.


The large central valley is, in fact, ruled by a giant king but his kingdom is generally contained. But, of course, the vale and the mountains are crawling with Giantkin, ogres, and others. The northern reaches are thick with Frost Giants, while the volcanically active zones of the mountains are home to Fire Giants. Stone and Hill Giants, along with ogres, can be found all through the area.