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Silith is an independent city-state that is widely regarded as a decadent den of danger and sorcery. It is far (by land) from the halls of Valros or Ahros, and the people of those places are just as glad. While nobody has successfully conquered Silith, few have tried. It is a dangerous place, full of sorcerous magics, and is lead by a secretive cabal of wizards called The Council. Nobody really knows who they are or what their aims are, but agents of Silith are frequently encountered seeking out rare components, or skulking around alleys in the larger cities. Nearly everybody is afraid of Silith, despite it not fielding a particularly fearsome navy or army … The general path of migration of humans into the area came through this region, and so much of the oldest of human habitation is here, and many layers of different civilizations rest on it.

Damara shares the same island landmass as Silith, and is ever-watchful of the road to the south-east.

The Laster Wilds

The desert wasteland between Laster and Silith is a terribly inhospitable place. Often home to sphinxes and leucrotta, it’s a dangerous road.