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Longknife Shire

The area of the Longknife Shire is a bucolic land of rolling hills south of the town of Longknife that have been heavily cultivated by halflings and other folk over time. Technically, Longknife Shire is part of Valrorim, but the will of the King doesn’t stretch this far very strongly. The halfling settlements are collectively called the Two Towns, and really only locals can tell one from the other.


The hexes are still 30 miles across in this sub-map - this is just a zoom-and-crop of the main map. It’s not quite the classic 1 mile hex – it didn’t quite work at that scale. I might re-draw at the 6-mile scale and see from there.

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This is the site of the town Falcon’s Hollow from the module Hollow’s Last Hope. This is a large-ish frontier trading town, and the main industry is logging in the nearby edges of Cold Oaks and Far Borea. Timber is mostly floated down the Glimmerun, and then barged to where it’s used in the other cities. This is daunting work, as those woods are quite wild, and lumber camps are frequently attacked. The main power in Longkinfe is the boss of the Lumber Consortium and his flunkies. Most other folk are tradespeople or lumber workers. There’s a small ring of farms around the stockade wall of the town.

Being a frontier town, there’s a generally hard edge to life here, and the people are pretty tough.

Two Towns

The Two Towns are the homeland of halflings in the Havis Lands. This small, pastoral folk have lived in these vales for as long as any of the “big folk” know. They were gradually revealed as, first, the Barakites separated the Cold Oaks from the Great Forest in their northward expansion from the Killat Hills, and then, second, as the Havisfolk expanded along the Glimmerun river to found Longknife. So, the surrounding woods of the Great Forest was parted to reveal these wooded hills, meadows, and pastoral farmland worked by the peaceful Halflings.


Freehollow is a small town that trades with Longknife. As a result, it is the more “cosmopolitan” of the Two Towns. Lightfoot halflings come from Freehoillow.


Rootglen is deep in the Shire, and therefore is more remote from the world of the “big folk”, making it the more pastoral of the Two Towns. Stout halflings come from Rootglen.


The south eastern corner of this area is where I’ve located the Endhome/Barakus setting from Frog God Games. I simply move things around a little bit, and change references to the Penprie Forest to the Cold Oaks. The actual site of Barakus is the 3-dot ruins to the WSW of Endhome.

The Great Forest Road connects Endhome to Havis.

Cold Oaks

Cold Oaks is a part of the Great Forest that had been sundered from it by the industrious Shirefolk hundreds of years ago. It is still quite dense and is a hold-out for some dangerous fey and many a traveller and visitor has disappeared between it’s trunks.

Lonely Coast

Additionally, at the north edge of the area is the Lonely Coast, which is the position of the Lonely Coast setting from Raging Swan. There is some overland trade between Endhome and Wolverton, but it’s mostly sea trade. The north edge of the Lonely Coast is often harried by raiding tribes from the Galdus Steppes. The Tangled Wood was never really a part of the Great Forest, and has it’s own character, with a number of ruins from mysterious-but-long-gone inhabitants that are architecturally distinct from classic Barakite ruins.