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The Swelter

The Swelter is the name of the jungle forest and the many small islands on the southern edge of the map. It’s uncharted, and rumored to be full of wild human and humanoid tribes. The swamp just to the north is also home to hags, lizardfolk, a large population of bullywugs, and other marshy creatures. The islands are dens of pirates that prey on sea traffic from the straits to the Great Sea.

The most organized place is Dirim, which is a den of piracy and the seat of a pirate baron that harries the seas.

The Howgath Deeps

The Howgarth Deeps were a reasonably civilized woods, given the duration of time that it’s been in Ahros’ back yard. The old emperors hunted the Howgarth extensively. Recently, the eastern coast, esp. the north-east edge along the Durrow coast is dark and dangerous. Rumors of undead infesting the Deeps are common.