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The Great Forest

Despite being in the middle of the Kingdom of Valrorim, the Great Forest is still a dense, dark, and wild place. Most of the control of the kingdom encircles the Great Forest, but doesn’t actually penetrate it. There are rumors of dragons that lair there, and rarely do farms abut the dark woods. There is a road that traverses the Great Forest, called (of course) the Great Forest Road, connecting Havis and Endhome. This passage is fraught with extreme danger, and is rarely traveled, let alone maintained.

Topfield, Willow, and Bend

These towns lie close to the dark boughs of the Great Forest, and therefore experience more of it’s peculiar effects, such as fey passing through and getting preyed on by it’s denizens.

The Dragon Spire

Deep in the heart of the forest is a peak that juts from the forest floor, rising (along with it’s foothills) thousands of feet above the rest of the forest. It’s summit is occasionally visible from Longknife or Bend, depending on the clouds. This peak is a very mysterious place and is often referred to as Dragon Spire. On a clear day, the Dragon Spire is visible from both of the Fangs, leading some scholars to speculate that there is more to those three peaks than simple geology - this is especially true to geographers who note that the summits of the Fangs and the Dragon Spire form a straight line, although none are sure what the significance of that may be.

There is a small enclave of wood elves that lives near the Dragon Spire. This is a sub-group of the elves of Argiliath, and occasionally travel there to pay homage at Gilbalith’s court.

The Gloamwood

The north-west corner of the Great Forest is so dark and dense and uninviting that it has a special name – the Gloamwood. The Gloamwood is home to all kinds of nasties, and there are a number of lairs and dungeons sprinkled throughout this area.

The Great Forest Road

The Great Forest Road is an ancient road/track that connects Havis and Endhome. It bisects The Great Forest and is a dangerous path. There are often bandits, but also creatures wander out of the Great Forest and harass travelers. But, given how straight the route is (relative to boating the Gimmerun and going overland through The Longknife Shire, or sailing around Varos) many merchants and travelers take the risk. With no mishaps, the trip is 3 to 4 days. Of course, there are almost always mishaps.

There are wide spots in the road where caravans often stop for the night at normal day’s-travel intervals. These wide spots have never really been settled, although there are inns along the way. These inns are often the site of weird happenings, and more than a few fey ley lines cross the Road at sites of inns with frequent strange fey happenings.