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Glimmerun River and Headwaters

The marshes at the headwaters of the Glimmerun are rumored to be homes to hags and other foul swap creatures, including trolls and bullywugs.

While the headwaters of the Glimmerun are marshy and moorish, the free-flowing channel is quite beautiful, and it gets its name from the rising sun glittering on its surface from the Strait of Havis.

There is quite a bit of traffic on the Glimmerun, despite the dangers. It is a very wide, deep and mysterious channel. Much timber is felled in Longknife and floated downstream to Bend, there it’s barged to other ports. Also, there are a river folk that live on the Glimmerun in barge-like houseboats. They generally are shunned by the Havisfolk of the region, and their ethnic origins are unclear. They are sometimes accused of piracy on the river, but generally make their way as river gypsies - hunting, fishing, trading, and fortune-telling up and down the river from Bend to Longknife.

There are many small villages along the Glimmerun, that frequently deal with incursions from the Great Forest (or, worse, the Gloamwood) or strange fey happenings along the river.