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I wanted a cozier feel to this world, so the setting is focused on a smallish area that real humans can travel around in reasonably. This is not the whole planet. 1 hex is 30 miles across in this map, the area of a hex is about 780 sq mi, and the whole map covers an area roughly 900×900 miles (or 810,000 sq mi). More than standard “kingdom” scale. A really motivated, fast-moving party can cross 1 easy hex in a day. When I get around to more local mapping, they will be classic 6 mile hexes, 5 to a big one.

As is evident from the map, this is a mass of islands, and seafaring is a common way to get around the area. There are some places where the strait is narrow enough that there are amazing bridges spanning the channel. The island of Ahros/Galdurang is the largest and about 840 miles long. The island that is home to Valrorim is nearly as large, at 660 miles long.

Earth Comparison

Given the size of the space, one could think of it almost in terms of Anglo-Saxon Britain, that is, the various old kingdoms of Anglia, Essex, Kent, Mercia, Sussex, Wessex, Wales, Northumbria, etc. occupying about the same size area as this map covers. Also for comparison, the distance from Land’s End to John O’Groats is about 800 miles (the length of England and Scotland together).

Click to embiggen. This map was made with the Worldographer/Hexographer v2 beta, so there are some rough edges.