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This mountainous country is the home of the dwarves, and their mines riddle the Spine of Ahros, although they have never called the mountains that. Their name is Khazrum. The actual city of Galdurang is partially outside the mountain, and partially inside. What is outside is very impressive. There are tall spires and imposing masses of structures have a solid and ageless feel. Great halls line stone-paved streets in the outer face. On the inside of the mountain, it is even more impressive. Great halls hewn from the rock, galleries, hallways of apartments, shops, bazaars, and (of course) forges everywhere. Visitors are usually kept to trading and “visitor services” (i.e. inns, taverns, markets, stables, etc.) in the outer city. It is a rare honor of the dwarves to invite a non-dwarf into the inner city. Many dwarves still hold to the traditions of the Great Sequester, in which they turned away from the surface world, at the beginning of the Bonegate Blight.