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Bonegate is an ancient tower on the northwest coast. It’s origins are generally unknown by the folk of the land, and elven sages refuse to speak of it’s origin. It was the home of many fell powers – mostly fiends and undead – that was overthrown by the Ahros two centuries ago thus ending the period known as the Bonegate Blight. Recently, however, scouts have reported lights in the tower.

Additionally, there are rumors of a great blight of undead that are being seen more often. This is in fact true, and Durrow is ground-zero for the (attempted) establishment of an undead kingdom. The undead are lead by a lich named Khyfus Rem, who has recruited a number of necromancers to his cause. The Necromancers – The New Walkers – are roaming the land, constantly pulling the dead from graves and ferrying them to Bonegate. Some wonder if Rem is in fact the lich-remains of the original warlock – Uruvan Piletor.