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This land of forest and field is the home of most of the High Elven population, with Wood Elves living in the northern reaches, close to the Skywall Mountains. The High Elf King, Gilbalith, remembers the building of Delis, almost 400 years prior. The main center of Argiliath is the Great Tree - a massive Hornbeam that is anchored in the material world and the Feywild at exactly the same place.

The elven realm of Argiliath is a strange land where the material plane and the Feywild overlap in many places resulting in strange phenomena. The capital “city” is really an enormous horn wood tree, hundreds of feet tall, in and around which nearly ten thousand elves live. Outside of the tree town, the rest of the forest is very strange and forbidding to non-elves.

The forests of Argiliath are home to many fey, both fair and foul. While the main paths are generally safe for non-violent travel, it is very risk if you take one step off the path. The elves of Argiliath know the paths and are on generally good terms with the fey of that realm, but not even they can always control, or even predict, how some of the wilder fey will act.

Because Argiliath shares it’s land mass with Rakat and the Skywall mountains, it has also been the site of frequent and bloody skirmishing between the species, not to mention two major Elf-Goblin Wars.